Little innoscents True Lavender Essential Oil

Little Innoscents Essential Oil True Lavender 10ml



Little Innoscents’ True Lavender is one of the most fragrant, versatile and useful oils available. True Lavender has a wonderful scent and incredible healing powers. It can be applied onto the skin to help with cuts, bites, rashes as well as mild sunburn, muscle tension and headaches. It may also help with allergies and nervous tension, while adding a few drops of Lavender Oil to a warm bath can promote relaxation and sleep.

Australian Made, Cruelty Free, Vegan

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Product Description

How To Apply: Add 4-6 drops of oil to an oil burner or diffuser to enhance your mood.

Massage 1-3 drops of True Lavender oil on temples, over sinuses, and on the forehead to ease tension and headache.

Rub the oil on chapped lips or skin to moisturise and condition them.


Pure Lavender Essential Oil


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